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10 Things That Make the iPhone and iPod touch Different

The iPhone and iPod touch are closely related — and not just because they look alike. Both devices run the same operating system and thus have the same key features: FaceTime video conferencing, support for Siri, iCloud, and iMessage, for example. But despite sharing many software features, the two devices are very different. You can see that by looking at them, of course, but the differences go much deeper than just the surface level.


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Perhaps not surprisingly, the iPod touch costs less than any current iPhone model—a lot less. An iPhone X costs $999 and up, while even the cheapest iPhone 8 costs $400 more than the most expensive iPod touch. And that’s before you even factor in the monthly costs for phone and data service on an iPhone, which the touch doesn’t require. You definitely get a lot with an iPhone, but compared to an iPod touch, you pay a lot, too.

  • 6th Gen. iPod touch: US$199-$299
  • iPhone 8: $699-$849
  • iPhone 8 Plus: $799-$949
  • iPhone X: $999-$1,149
  • iPhone XS: $999-$1,449

With the iPhone XS, Apple introduced a trade-in program unrelated to your carrier’s pricing and trade-in program. If you’ve got a working Apple device in good condition, you can trade it in for a discount off a new iPhone. For example, a good-condition iPhone X will get you a credit of $500 off a 256 GB iPhone XS Max, which otherwise retails for $1,249 directly from Apple.

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