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4 Great GPS Cycling Apps for the IPhone

You can turn your iPhone into a GPS tool for tracking your time, distance and speed using any number of cycling apps, and most are a lot cheaper than a dedicated cycling computer. The best cycling apps also include helpful features like iPod support, Facebook and Twitter integration, and reporting graphs. Here are a few you might want to consider. 

Cyclemeter GPS

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Cyclemeter GPS is different from many other iPhone cycling apps in that it includes a ton of tracking and reporting features right in the app. Its competitors normally require that you transfer your data online to view graphs, reports and other data, but Cyclemeter keeps it all within easy reach. It tracks speed, distance, elevation and time, and it integrates with Google maps so you can easily share your cycling routes via Facebook or Twitter. Voice announcements, email alerts and iPod integration are just some of Cyclemeter’s many additional features.

Cyclemeter Version 10.8 requires iOS 9.0 or later. There were some issues with iCloud backups in earlier versions, but the problem has been fixed. 

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