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5 Games Like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Are you addicted to Hearthstone? Blizzard’s collectible card game exceeded all expectations, but then again, Blizzard has always been known for putting out quality games. Hearthstone manages to combine an easy-to-understand ruleset with subtle tactics that create a strategy game with surprising depth. But for those looking to move beyond Hearthstone, there are plenty of great battle card games available from the app store.  

Lords of Waterdeep

While Ascension has some aspects of a board mixed in with what is fundamentally a card battle game, Lords of Waterdeep is a board game with some card-like aspects. Through eight rounds, you will collect resources like thieves and warriors to complete quests and gain points, which will ultimately decide who will be the ruler of Waterdeep. You can force mandatory quests on your opponent, steal their resources, or just concentrate on your own quests. Each game gives you a new patron, and each patron favors a different type of quest, so each game is a bit different.

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