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7 Best iPhone Photography Apps

iPhone photography apps are very impressive from a technology standpoint. There are apps that seamlessly blend multiple pictures into one panoramic photo and others that include dozens of filters and special effects to create truly stunning pictures with what is a relatively low-quality camera.​


What We Like

  • Low price tag.

  • Easily print or share creations.

  • Simple, easy-to-use user interface.

What We Don’t Like

  • Updates infrequently.

  • Not free.

Pocketbooth is described by the developers as “the photo booth that fits in your pocket.” The app includes lots of customization, including matte vs. glossy paper, as well as sepia, black and white, or color options. It supports both back and user-facing cameras (only the iPhone 4 and latest iPod touch have a user-facing camera), and you can share your photos via email, Facebook, or Twitter. It is definitely a must-have for iPhone photography fans! 


The Hipstamatic app recreates the unique pictures of the past with a variety of lenses. The app includes three lenses, three film options, and two flash varieties. Once you get tired of those, there is a variety of 99-cent “Hipstapaks” that can be purchased directly from the app. These provide additional lenses, flashes, and films so you can create some cool retro-looking photos. Your work can then be shared via Facebook, email, or Flickr. 

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