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7 Travel Apps For Apple TV

Are you planning a journey? This handpicked selection of apps should help you get a head start putting your trip together; from city guides to places to stay and flight information, you’ll find a growing list of resources on your Apple TV as travel becomes a front room occupation the family can share. Don’t forget to check the map of where you are going before you travel.

The Direction of Travel

There is plenty of room for development when it comes to travel-related apps on Apple TV. You see, travel apps represent about 5% of mobile apps, but don’t yet account for anything like 5% of the apps available at the TV App Store. Will this change? It should, once the company deploys payment services through its platforms. This will enable travel apps developers to monetize their offering. I imagine big hotel brands will quickly introduce Apple TV apps once users can book rooms directly through their software – the AccorHotels app comes close, though booking requires you to also use an iPhone.

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