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8 Bluetooth Keyboard Cases for the iPhone

The iPhone’s revolutionary multitouch screen has proved so popular that it’s hard to imagine a smartphone without one. But not everyone loves typing on a screen (that’s one reason that the BlackBerry is still popular). While some people have no issue with the onscreen keyboard, others long for a physical option with keys they can feel. It’s pretty unlikely that there will ever be an iPhone with a keyboard, but that doesn’t mean that people who prefer them are out of luck. These cases provide keyboards for the iPhone that make texting, writing email, and composing text a snap.

BoxWave Keyboard Buddy

image credit: Boxwave

BoxWave’s Keyboard Buddy case demonstrates one of the most common form factors for these cases: a slab that the iPhone clips into which includes a slide-out keyboard on the bottom. The keyboard, which connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, works with any app where the onscreen keyboard would appear and can be hidden when not in use. It adds 0.68 inches to the thickness of the iPhone, which isn’t terrible.

BoxWave offers versions of the case for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6 and 6S and with and without backlighting on the keys (which is helpful for typing in low-light situations).

Weight: Unknown
Backlight: Yes (though there’s also a non-backlight version)
iPhone 7 Support: Not listed, but possible since they’re similar to the 6 series
iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus Support: No
iPhone 6/6S Support: Yes
iPhone 5/5S support: Yes

BoxWave Keyboard Buddy – Vertical Edition

Boxwave Keyboard Buddy – Vertical Edition.
image copyright BoxWave Corp.

This version of BoxWave’s Keyboard Buddy case takes the same basic idea—a slide-out keyboard that is attached to the back of the iPhone—and re-orients it. Instead of sliding out from the side of the iPhone so that it can be used in landscape mode, this keyboard slides out from the bottom, letting you type with the iPhone in portrait mode. Which version you’ll prefer depends on how you like to type on your iPhone, but BoxWave is the only company I’m aware of that offers these options.

Because BoxWave makes these keyboards specifically for the iPhone, they include buttons that control iPhone features like screen brightness, media playback, hiding the keyboard, and more.

Weight: Unknown
Backlight: No
iPhone 5/5C/5S support: No
iPhone 4S support: Yes
iPhone 4 support: Yes

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