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Create Your Own Weaponized Vehicle in Hovercraft: Getaway

The cops are on your tail! Piece together a hovercraft with weapons and boosters, then boost your way to freedom! Hold out for as long as you can in Hovercraft: Getaway, a new entry in High Score Hero’s Hovercraft series.

At the start of a run, you will have one star and a few cops after you. Your goal? Survive as long as possible! The cops are endless, so you need to blast as many as you can. Use machine guns, laser beams, missile launchers, mines, and more to hold out.

The longer your survive, the stronger the cops will be! Surviving for a while will increase your star count, increasing the amount of cops and forcing them to use stronger vehicles. Police cruisers, hoverbikes, armored trucks, you name it – they have got it!

Each hovercraft has its own unique stats, with different boost power and sturdier armor. All of them can be equipped with up to six weapons, so choose your path of destruction. With enough scrap, you can upgrade your hovercrafts to become more powerful.

Ready to partake in an epic combat police chase? Hovercraft: Getaway is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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