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Destiny’s monthly active player count hit six million before the Activision split

May 3, 2019 Destiny’s overall player count is well into the millions.

Destiny’s player count encompassed around six million monthly active users by the end of 2018 – just before Bungie bought back the rights to the series and split with Activision. The publisher reported in its latest financial results a loss of 12 million monthly active users over the last quarter, and “around half” of that number is accounted for by the loss of the series.

“The company had 345 million monthly active users in Q1,” COO Collister Johnson says in a conference call, as noted by VGC. “Activision monthly active users were 41 million, with around half of the quarterly sequential decline due to the exclusion of Destiny monthly active users.”

These numbers cover the game across all its platforms, and note that Johnson appears to be talking about Destiny as a whole – not just Destiny 2. While most players have likely moved on to the sequel, lingering frustrations about Destiny 2’s launch and the sheer volume of platforms the original was released on likely mean there’s still a respectable playerbase there.

We noted back in September, after Forsaken’s launch, that Destiny Tracker daily user counts reported 1.3 million Crucible players and 2.6 million PvE. Though the website pulled down its daily population tracker in favour of only showing current numbers on the front page, we can still track Forsaken’s effect through the Wayback Machine. The last previous copy of Destiny Tracker’s front page comes from August 28, with a count 462,000 Crucible players and 767,000 PvE players.

There was another big event for Destiny 2 during that timeframe, as the game went free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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Destiny 2’s Revelry event comes to a close this week, which ends another chapter of the game’s established annual pass plans. What the future holds for Destiny after that remains to be seen.

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