Google settles faulty original Pixel lawsuit by paying up to $500

The story of Google and its faulty phones continues. After the Nexus 6P saga, where Google might end up reimbursing owners of faulty devices $400 each, we turn our heads to the original Google Pixel. Reports of speaker issues plaguing phones are dating as far back as 2016, but a group of Pixel owners have filed a lawsuit against Google in 2018. They were accusing Google of knowingly selling Pixel devices with faulty microphones.

Google has reportedly agreed to settle the class action and is willing to pay customers $500 for the trouble. The plaintiffs claimed that not only did the microphones on their phones stop working out of the box, but Google-provided replacements were exhibiting the same issues.

The customers who experienced the issue more than once (with original and replacement devices) will get $500. Those dealing with the issue only once will get $350, while those who have never touched an affected Pixel phone, but want to stay part of the lawsuit, can get $20. $7.25 million is what Google is allocating to settle this dispute, according to reports.

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