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iFitness App for iPhone Exercise App Review


This app is no longer available on iTunes. This information is being kept for archive purposes and to assist readers who still have the app.

  • Extensive collection of exercises
  • Picture, video and text descriptions
  • Exercise and weight log 
  • EDGE streaming is painfully slow 

iFitness (Medical Productions) is one of the many iPhone fitness apps that can help you build muscle or drop pounds. Thanks to its extensive database of strength-training exercises, this is one app that deserves a spot on your iPhone.

Offers Over 300 Exercises

At its simplest, the iFitness app is a database of over 300 exercises. The exercises are listed in alphabetical order, organized by the part of the body they target — abs, arms, backs, chest, etc. 

Each exercise includes multi-step pictures illustrating how to perform it, and the more complicated moves (about 120 in all) include a video demonstrating the steps. If you’re still confused, a text article helps clear up any confusion. We were impressed with the wide variety of exercises, and the videos are a great help for perfecting the moves.

Not only does the iFitness iPhone app include all of these exercises, but it’s also a great way to track your progress. The app includes a fitness log so you can record the exercises, repetitions, and weights you used for each workout session. We were worried about having to record cardio workouts separately, but iFitness also includes common cardio exercises so you can add them to your log. Once you’ve logged enough workouts, you can view all the data on a graph or export it via email.

Other Useful Features: Weight Loss & Suggested Workouts

iFitness includes other features that make it an incredibly useful app. It offers a section to track your weight loss and body measurements, in addition to a BMI (body mass index) calculator. You can also choose to backup all your data with a free iFitness account.

Beginners just starting an exercise program may feel overwhelmed by having to pick and choose individual exercises. If you’re one of those users, the iFitness app includes several suggested routines focused on overall body toning, weight loss, or muscle building that you can use until you’re ready to create your own, personalized workout plan. 

The Bottom Line

Overall rating: 5 stars out of 5. 

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