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LG has mobile foldable plans, trademarks ‘Flex,’ ‘Foldi’ and ‘Duplex’

With the latest and greatest from the Samsung world, teasing us with a new concept of foldable smartphone, LG now is jumping on the same deal, giving the world just a hint of what is their plans.

On November 21st, LG just applied for three brand name registrations at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). All of the three applications — Flex, Foldi and Duplex — are categorized at Class 9, which includes smartphones, so it’s a pretty safe bet that LG is claiming these names for any future devices it makes, foldable or otherwise.

It is obvious that LG is willing to use these names on their next “possible” foldable devices, but let’s face it, the title “Flex”, isn’t that exciting of news, considering that LG already has a “G Flex” model out. “Duplex” and “Foldi” seems, on the other hand, a word to fit for LG’s patent for a foldable phone with a double display.

Only time will tell, so let’s sit patiently and wait for LG for the next Ground Breaking Devices.

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