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Marvel’s Avengers Comic-Con Presentation Will Not Be Streamed

A few weeks ago, Marvel Games revealed that some upcoming panels for said games would include new content for Avengers, the Square Enix-published action game that received some mixed reception at E3 earlier this year. It was a good chance for a game that still feels shrouded in fog to change some minds, but those minds are going to have to stay clouded for the moment unless they’re actually at the panel itself. At the game’s first public gameplay reveal in a panel focused solely on the game, there won’t be any online streaming available.

The panel, which is in Hall H at 1:30 p.m. PST and hosted by the game’s creative director Shaun Escayg and the voice actors from the reveal video, takes a deeper dive into Marvel’s Avengers than we have seen before. It is unknown if the panel will feature entirely new gameplay or the behind-closed-doors presentation from Square Enix’s booth at E3. 

While the public could see that presentation by lottery appointment, which seemed to be gameplay of the title’s introduction level, there was no filming allowed. A leaked cellphone video eventually got out, but the poor quality and awkward angles did the game no favors. It is a little strange that Square Enix is still shying away from showing the game, but maybe they have an actual blowout planned.

Marvel’s Avengers releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC on May 15.


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