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One of the Outer Worlds companions is an alcoholic big game hunter

It looks like upcoming space RPG The Outer Worlds will have plenty of interesting features. You’ll be able to use dialogue skills in combat, lying, intimidating, and persuading foes to win a fight, and sometimes making them flee in the process. You’ll be able to pick ‘aptitudes’ and ‘flaws’ for your character, making them more dynamic. Pretty intriguingly – you’ll also be able to add an alcoholic big-game hunter as a helpful companion.

Introduced in a guided demo of The Outer Worlds at this year’s E3, Nyoka is a bounty hunter who it seems loves a tipple as much as she does “attacking the big creatures on the planets”. She has some weapon and stealth skills you’ll be able to “use to [y]our advantage”, alongside a new character concept developer Obsidian has created – the Leader type, which has its own perk tree. If you choose to be a Leader, you’ll sacrifice a certain level of personal skill and ability – but pick the right companions and some good things will come back to you. Make Nyoka your companion and it looks like her stealthy and weapon-savvy ways will send some bonuses your way.

Another companion you’ll be able to add is called Ellie. She’s a “fast-talking medic” who’ll give you access to some dialogue skills (“probably lies mostly”, apparently) as well as medical know-how, which could definitely come in handy during a scuffle.

As in its earlier title Fallout: New Vegas, Obsidian seems to be keen to include some intriguing, fleshed-out characters with backstories of their own to the game, and it’s good to know you’ll be able to add some of them to your rag-tag bunch of companions.

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Keen to find out more about The Outer Worlds? Check out our video below on 6 ways it’s more than Fallout in space.

We’ve now got a release date of October 25 so it won’t be long now until you can bring Nyoka and Ellie on-board.

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