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Property Brothers Home Design Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Pass All Levels

Drew and Jonathan Scott, also known as the Property Brothers, have enlisted your help to aid people with their home design dreams! Property Brothers Home Design is a new puzzle game mixed with home design fun. Play match-3 puzzle levels to earn coins, and spend those coins on buying new furniture! Our Property Brothers Home Design cheats and tips will show you how to pass the puzzle levels so you can make your dream home!

Property Brothers Home Design is a fun little game that all aspiring home designers should try out at least once. You might get some ideas! Anyways, here is our Property Brothers Home Design cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to pass all levels!

Choose whatever designs you like!

Home design is all about you, the designer, and whatever piece of furniture that speaks to you the most. Do not worry too much about the furniture that you pick, as there is no “wrong” choice – just pick the one that you like the most! You get the same amount of coins for all three choices.

Create the explosive pieces!

When you are doing the puzzle game segments, it is helpful to keep in mind the special bombs that you can create when you match enough blocks together. Matching five or more blocks together will result in a bomb left behind, which will detonate and explode pieces in the immediate surrounding area.

Matching seven or more blocks will result in dynamite. Dynamite has a slightly bigger blast radius than the normal bombs, so try to make as many of them as you can. Matching nine or more blocks will result in TNT, the most powerful explosive you can conjure up! TNT has a massive blast radius and will definitely help you towards reaching the level goal.

Conserve your moves!

Every level you are given a fixed amount of moves to reach the level objective. If you can manage to hit the objective without using too many moves, you will earn a lot of bonus coins. You will get coins depending on how many moves you have when you finish the level, so the less you move, the more coins for you!

Remember to use your fireworks!

Whenever you make a match or blow up some blocks using explosives, you will charge your fireworks at the bottom left corner of the screen. Once it is full, you can use fireworks to immediately destroy all blocks of one color on the board. Careful use of the fireworks can really help you with the level objective!

That’s all for Property Brothers Home Design! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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