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Retro Arcade Game Super Spinball Now Available on iOS

A deadly maze full of hazards and obstacles await you in Super Spinball, a new retro arcade inspired game full of twists and turns. You will need all of your wits about you as you navigate this nefarious labyrinth!

Inspired by endless top down classic games of old, Super Spinball puts you in control of a spinball that needs to find its way out of a maze. And do not worry, there are 64 levels to this gigantic maze, so you are going to be down here for a long time…

Super Spinball utilizes simple controls – simply tap to make your spinball jump. It will move on its own and turn corners it comes across. All you need to take care of is jumping over hazardous obstacles, which naturally is harder than it sounds.

The farther you get in the maze, the more coins you will find and collect. You can use the coins to unlock new spinballs, each with their own stats. Some handle better than others, while some can go faster.

And of course, it would not be a retro game if it did not feature old grayscale pixel art. Super Spinball also features a nice chiptune soundtrack, really bringing you back to the games of yesteryear.

Super Spinball is now available on the App Store as a free download.

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