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The 15 Best iPhone X Apps of 2019

The iPhone X, XS, and XS Max are gorgeous devices. They also seem to represent the future of the iPhone. Here are the best iPhone X apps that work well on the trio of iPhones.

Twitterific: Best Twitter App For iPhone X

Unfortunately, Twitter did recently nerf third-party Twitter clients. Third-party apps will no longer receive real-time stream notifications, significantly reducing the usefulness of the applications. This move seems designed to force users to move to the native app, but considering its many flaws, Twitterific and apps like it are still better.

  • Improves Twitter’s visual presentation dramatically.
  • Includes smart and powerful features that make Twitter easier to use.
  • Some organizational choices are unintuitive at first.
  • Twitter has purposefully knee-capped third-party apps, and Twitterific is not immune to those effects.

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