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The 5 Best Apple TV Health Apps

Apple TV is pretty cool. Not only does the Siri Remote contain an accelerometer and gyroscope to detect a wide range of motions and gestures, but Apple TV can easily integrate with other devices like Apple Watch, iPhone or even connected exercise equipment you may be planning to acquire for your home. 

Here are five great apps that show how Apple TV can stop you from becoming a couch potato.

The Mindfulness App: For Meditation


Maintaining mental balance and equilibrium is important if you want to keep on top of your health. Mindfulness offers a series of exercises in 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40-minute bursts. These guided meditations start with a five-day course introduction. You can track your meditations over time with the app’s built-in statistical package and deepen your practice with courses, challenges, and meditations offered as in-app purchases.

This app may help you decrease stress and anxiety, the developers claim. (Free trial with subscription options).

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