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The 8 Best Apps for Your High Schooler

Technology has made high school life much easier for the average student with the creation of smartphone and tablet apps for studying, planning, group projects, security, and even job searching.

Here are eight of our favorite apps for high school students looking to improve their education or simply enhance their school experience with the latest tech.

OneNote: The Best Overall Note-Taking App for Students

Microsoft’s OneNote app.


OneNote is a free note-taking app designed by Microsoft that works on mobile phones, tablets, and computers. The app supports both keyboard and touch for writing notes and also works with the Surface Pen on compatible Windows 10 devices. The app even has a dictate feature which converts anything spoken into a device’s microphone into written text.

  • OneNote is completely free and available on every device.
  • Many schools and universities use OneNote in classes and lectures so learning how to use it now could pay dividends in the future.
  • A lot of the advanced OneNote features require some serious research to understand how they work however all of the basic note-taking and collaboration functionality is very easy to understand.

Dropbox: Best App for Group Projects and Homework Backup

Dropbox app on Windows 10.


Dropbox is a service that allows users to select a folder on their computer and have all of its content automatically saved to the cloud and synced to other computers, tablets, or smartphones with the same account.

This is great for when a computer is lost or broken as all a user has to do is download Dropbox on their new computer, sign in, and all of their files will be restored. There’s even an option for restoring files that are accidentally deleted which means no more lost homework and assignments.

A Dropbox membership also comes with Dropbox Paper, a free collaboration tool that works similar to Google Docs or Microsoft Office and is ideal for group school projects.

  • Dropbox works on pretty much everything and seamlessly keeps all files in sync and backed up.
  • Some high school students may outgrow the free 2GB option but that likely won’t happen until after they graduate or begin adding large media files such as HD movies.

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