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There’s a Super Simple Way to Open Hamburger Menus on Android 10

With the back button gone in Android 10, the new back gesture forced Google to change the way you access side navigation menus. The new angled swipe that you have to do to access the hamburger menu isn’t the easiest, so you’ll likely go back more times than you want. Well, there’s an easier way.

Instead of the awkward diagonal swipe, trying doing this to access the side menu: swipe in from the left edge with two fingers. That’s it. While you’ll see the back gesture indicator, it won’t activate. Instead, only the hamburger menu will open. Much easier right?

Of course, this isn’t perfect. In my testing, I did accidentally trigger the back gesture a few times. Touching the screen with both fingers at the same time makes it more consistent. But even with the few unintended back gesture activations, this method is monumentally easier to use than the new diagonal swipe gesture.

Cover image and GIF by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks

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