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Watch From Almost Any Media Server on Apple TV With Infuse

Firecore’s Infuse app is a beautifully designed media player for Apple TV that takes big steps toward empowering anyone with a huge video collection on various media servers to put the tvOS-powered box at the center of their viewing system.

Stream Almost Anything

You see, while Apple TV can only play content provided by iTunes or through apps such as these, Infuse can handle almost any kind of media format, including AVI, WMV and more. It can also connect with UPnP/DLNA apps like Plex, Kodi (XBMC), Serviio, WMC, PS3 Media Server, and others to browse, stream, and download videos. 

If you are someone who has gathered a large collection of movies and TV shows in numerous formats stored on various networked devices across your office or home, Infuse will let you consolidate all that content into one easy-to-reach place. It can find and handle media stored on almost anything, including a Mac, PC, NAS, wireless drive, or a server app like Plex, Kodi, or Serviio. Any local devices will be detected in seconds making setup a snap. It even has voice recognition using the Siri Remote.

Tons of Features

That means you won’t need to spend countless hours transcoding content between formats, just point the app at where your videos are stored and it will catalog them for you, even adding artwork and pertinent details as it does. It then makes all your content available to you in its slick, attractive Library view, which offers an interface that’s very like what you’re used to seeing in iTunes Movies.

Smart Filters also let you create and keep search results on the app’s home screen, which means you can gather things like children’s and unwatched movies gathered together in just one press of your Siri Remote. You can add your own artwork, including the use of a built-in artwork picker and search for movies using Spotlight. There’s also subtitle support and much, much more.

One more thing: InFuse doesn’t just work with an Apple TV, but with any iOS device (iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone, iPod touch), which means you will be able to access all your media from all your devices just about anywhere just by downloading and installing the app in each device.

Older Apple TV? No Problem

If you use an older Apple TV you may want to take a look at aTV Flash. Developed by Firecore, the same company this turns your old Apple box into a powerful media streaming solution in your den. Available for first and second generation Apple TV’s, aTV Flash does the same job as Infuse in terms of streaming content from your media services, but it also introduces some other great features, including a Web browser, weather data, Trakt ratings and support for third-party apps. The only snag for owners of older Apple TV boxes wanting to install the software is that they need to jailbreak their Apple TV first, a task for which the developers recommend you use Seas0nPass.

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