Apple Watch

How to check your heart rate

In this tutorial we will show you step by step, how the Apple Watch keeps track of your heart rate throughout the day and can let you know what the range was during workouts, sessions with the Breathe app, your resting average and more. 

  1. Open the Heart Rate app on Apple Watch, or ask Siri “What’s my heart rate?”
  2. At the top you’ll see your current heart rate
  3. Below that you’ll find your resting average and walking average for the day
  4. Tap on one to see more data
check your heart rate on apple watch

Check your heart rate on iPhone

  1. Open the Health app on iPhone
  2. Tap on Heart Rate
  3. Swipe to see more data, like Workout heart rate range, Breathe session heart rate data, and more.
  4. At the top you can tap to see hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly heart rate data.
check your heart rate on apple watch OS

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